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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The World's Greatest Golfer

The Book is back - again. Sorry if it seemed like it took longer than I originally made it seem like - it may have actually - and that I didn't post much while I was away, but we're almost back to normal here. No, I don't have anything baseball related to say just yet. Quite honestly, I've been out of the loop - nearly completely - for more than a week, and I wouldn't even know what to say today. So here's something about golf, until we get back to baseball tomorrow...

As has been widely reported ad naseum already, Tiger Woods isn't playing like the best golfer in the world lately. He hasn't won a major in the last eight they've played. Well, I've got news for you, he definitely isn't the best golfer in the world right now.

There are many alleged reasons why Tiger is no longer the world's top player. These reasons range from golf-related things, like Tiger firing his swing coach, Butch Harmon, to non-golf-related things, like Tiger getting engaged. The impact of both of these is likely
overstated. From the golf perspective, with or without Butch Harmon, Tiger wasn't going to be able to play at the level he was at a few years ago. No one has before him and, obviously, no one has done so indefinitely. With regards to the non-golf things, I'm sure Tiger knew about girls before he met his fiancé.

None of that matters though because though because the best player in the world is clearly North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Il. As was widely reported recently, Jong-Il carded a (believed to be) world record score of 34 on a regulation length course, giving him a score of 38 under par. Even on his best day – and possibly even on a miniature golf course – Tiger Woods could only hope to achieve such scores. Making Kim Jong-Il's score even more impressive is that he set this record with the first (and allegedly only) round of golf that he ever played. He even recorded five holes in one (meaning that on the other 13 holes he took only 29 shots or slightly more than 2 shots per hole – you're talking an eagle on every hole).

Now I'm not saying that you should believe the propaganda that has been issued by the North Korean government about their leader's golfing ability. But if you do, and particularly if you're Tiger Woods and this sort of thing keeps you up at night, don't worry about it. Kim
Jong-Il is afraid of flying
, so I don't suspect he'll be jumping on a plane to get him to the States so that he can participate in the next Masters or U.S. Open.


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