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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Oh my gooseness… I almost didn’t realize it, but today is the first anniversary of the launch of The Book of Mike. It was one year ago today, inspired by the Marlins playoff run and the lack of Marlins coverage, that I decided to start this blog up.

So, as tradition calls for, I will be giving my blog a traditional first anniversary gift of paper – well, virtual paper – so consider this entry a poem or something else sentimental like that. For the rest of you, who are neither me or the blog itself, please spend some extra time today in the archives or in our Café store (check out the link to the store near the top right of this page.

In our first year of existence, the blog has churned out about 150,000 words. That’s a lot – or at least it seems like it to me – especially since I only posted twice in November, took December and January off, and only found the time to post one note at the end of February. Since March though we’ve pretty much been up and running full-time (well, on the weekdays at least).

Thank you to all of you who read regularly! I’ll even drop a “thanks” on those of you who only stop by occasionally or who are finding your way here for the first time today.

Also, this is the third entry of the day today, so make sure to keep scrolling down to read all of the other amazing things I’ve written today.


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