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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Expos Lawsuit Dismissed, Team One Step Closer to DC

This article is a little cryptic, but the lawsuit brought about by the Expos former minority owners against former Expos owner and current Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was dismissed yesterday in federal court. This decision makes the likelihood of the Expos move to Washington much more likely, although it is far from a sure deal – particularly with the stadium financing issues still to be resolved.

I had been hoping that this would turn out differently, both so that baseball could continue in Montreal and so that there’d be some retribution against Loria and Samson, who seem to have been guilty of something in all of this (if nothing else, for leaving all of the former Expos employees without jobs right before the start of the 2002 baseball season). Where there’s smoke there’s fire. Apparently not enough smoke though to do the Loria clan in at this point.

You can find more details about the case and the ruling here.


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