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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

De Podesta Foils Trade - Possibly Career

The Book of Mike has learned that Paul DePodesta is actually responsible for dissolution of the ten player trade which would have sent Randy Johnson to the Yankees. DePodesta's role in the deal falling apart is much more significant than what is currently being reported by the major media outlets.

Our source, a professional sports agent, who spoke to The Book of Mike on the condition of anonymity, tells us that DePodesta originally leaked details of the trade to Ken Rosenthal of The Sporting News. Interestingly enough, part of DePodesta's statements yesterday include comments about the media over-playing the likelihood of the trade. As it turns out, this was actually Paul's own doing.

Making matters more serious, DePodesta allegedly lied to both the Yankees and Diamondbacks when he told them yesterday that the paperwork for the trade had been submitted to the commissioner's office. As you would expect, this is a major no-no in the baseball world, and insiders expect that DePodesta has - at best - made his doing his job extremely difficult (as other teams will be hesitant, if not completely unwilling, to work with him). Others feel that DePodesta may find himself out of baseball - or at least out of a GM level position - in the near future because of his handling of this situation.

We have also learned that this was not the first trade that DePodesta got cold feet about after taking it nearly all the way to the altar. The Dodgers attempted to back out of their July trade with the Marlins (principally involving catcher Paul LoDuca and pitcher Brad Penny). DePodesta tried to back out at the last minute, as was the case yesterday with the Johnson trade, but was called on the carpet by Marlins GM Larry Beinfest. Ultimately, the deal went through, but now the Dodgers are looking for a catcher and bullpen help this offseason - both of which became needs after their deadline deal with the then-champions.


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