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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Major Announcement Tomorrow, Hopefully!

I/we hope to announce something major tomorrow. Well, it will be a big deal if things go as planned tonight. So if you're curious to find out what it is, please check back here tomorrow to hear about the big news. I can't quite talk about it yet, for fear of jinxing it (and because of who might see it).

I suppose that only a few of you will find out about it before the weekend or next Monday anyway, since for whatever reason Friday is the least trafficked day of the week on this site. I suppose you're all out drinking it up at happy hour on Friday so you're too busy to read what's going on here.

In other news, we're going to have some new, regular features here at The Book of Mike for the 2005 season. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Series Previews - before each series we'll have a unique look at the Marlins upcoming opponent. I don't think you'll find a perspective like it anywhere else on the net.
  • Prospect Features - in the past we've been light on material for off days. This year will be different. We're going to have a piece at least once per week on Marlins in the Minors, the June draft, and who you should keep an eye out for later in 2005 and in 2006. The Marlins will likely once again lose some key players to free agency (Alex Gonzalez comes to mind) after this season, so we'll talk about who his replacement might be (if he does leave). The draft should be very interesting this year too, as the Marlins effectively have three first round picks. They could really clean up this year.
  • Book Reviews - one of our most popular features last summer, judging by the reader email, werethe books that we recommended. The list hasn't been updated in quite awhile (you can find a link to it on the right side of this page), but there are a number of great reads to add. We'll sprinkle those in throughout the year. Some are obvious, best-sellers and others are a little more obscure.
  • Stadium coverage - We probably get frustrated with it more than most folks, but at least for the first part of the year, whether or not the Marlins secure stadium financing will be a front-burner issue for the team. So we'll talk about it.

  • There will of course be our usual ramblings and diatribes about various things, but if there's something you'd like to know about or read more about, drop us a line and we'll get right on it.

    Well, that's all for now. Keep your fingers crossed for me tonight and wish me luck!


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