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Monday, April 05, 2010

(Re) Opening Day

We've been dormant here for awhile, but it's time to bring the blog back to life. And what better day to do it than Opening Day? Exactly. So here we go... just a short entry today, but there will be more.

We're going to aim for a daily entry, Monday through Friday. We'll see how that goes. The topics will be a little varied this time around. Sure, there will be baseball -- both White Sox and Marlins. The content won't be as narrowly focused as on FishStripes. We'll also talk about football (college and pro). But there will be a lot of non-sports stuff too. There will definitely be technology talk, maybe some astronomy, and a little music. We may even get into personal stuff. We'll see. Time will tell.

But on to a few thoughts to kick off the baseball season:

  • The White Sox, among a few other teams, wore alternate jerseys for opening day. I hate that. Yes, we get the merchandising need for these things (even if they are more like softball jerseys than actual, traditional jerseys). Heck, I even own an alternate jersey (of the White Sox and Marlins variety). But save them for a day other than opening day. (And yes, get off my lawn! Old man rant over)
  • Sports Illustrated (in print at least) picked the Yankees to win the AL East and the Rays to win the AL Wild Card. No issues with that here. That's a reasonable pick. But the folks at the mag got cute and have predicted the Rays to represent the AL in the World Series. Really? Why's that? Apparently SI thinks the Yankees are better over the course of a 162 game season but that the Rays are better equipped for a short series.
  • Take a look at this list. What jumps out at you from the top 10? For us it was Johnny Damon (#8 with 2,425 hits). Granted, he's 36. But he's got a shot at 3,000 hits. Reaching the big leagues at 21 and sticking around helps. He probably needs 4 solid seasons to get to 3,000. It's a stretch, but possible. Does this mean Johnny Damon is a Hall of Famer? I wouldn't have ever thought it until I saw his hit total. But it's definitely possible. And with two World Series ring (1 Red Sox and 1 Yankees) , Damon will probably get a little extra consideration.
That's it for today. Not an epic entry, to be sure. But we're back.

Hopefully this will stick. The Book of Mike has been a lot of fun over the years.


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