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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

One more game until...

Thom Brenneman is silenced.

Regardless of who wins, I will be glad to enjoy the World Series without the pro-Cubs banter of Thom Brenneman (“Six more outs until the Cubs advance to the World Series…” Hold on Thommie… you spoke a little soon!).

Tim McCarver has never been one of my favorites (bring back Bob Uecker), but at least Tim doesn’t seem to be cheering for one of the teams. I’m sorry, and I realize I’m a little biased, but could everyone hear how giddy Brenneman was last night in the booth? I know that Thom (by the way, does anyone know anyone else who’s name is pronounced “Tom” that spells their name “Thom?” – yes, I know it’s just a shortened version of “Thomas” but puh-lease, get over your pompous self… or maybe I should start asking people to spell “Mike” as “Miche” when they refer to me) worked for the Cubs way back when, but he’s a broadcaster and is supposed to be unbiased.

Al Leiter played with Moises Alou, Luis Castillo, and a number of other players in this series (and literally against all of them), but he doesn’t seem to be playing favorites. Steve Lyons played with Sammy Sosa, but doesn’t seem to cut Sammy any extra slack.

In the Marlins’ previous series, I wasn’t even aware that Chris Berman (who’s also not near the top of my favorite baseball announcers list) is a life long Giants fan, despite the fact that he broadcast the Marlins – Giants series for ESPN, until it was written about in one of the local papers. And I doubt that many of you who watch ESPN’s Sunday Night baseball are aware that Jon Miller is the longtime voice of the Giants, because he is very impartial in his game calling.

Regardless of who’s announcing tonight, I hope that we get a great game. This has been a wonderful series to watch and I’ve really enjoyed it. No matter who wins, I’m glad that it has gone the full seven games (with some free baseball mixed in too – twice so far).


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