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Sunday, October 05, 2003

Why I decided to blog

Earlier this baseball season I learned about blogging from Rob Neyer's page on He had a link to David Pinto's Baseball Musings, which I found very interesting (and still read almost daily). From there, I found Aaron Gleeman's blog, which despite him being a Twins fan, I also really enjoy. Between the two of them, and a host of other sites, I found another one of my favorites - Mike's Baseball Rants which features weekly commentary on Joe Morgan's online chats. I like Joe, sometimes he's funny, sometimes he's educational - but does he really still think that Billy Beane wrote Moneyball?

So I've been reading those blogs throughout the 2003 season and now I figured it was time to start writing on my own. I think I have a lot to say and once in awhile I even have a solid, well thought out opinion... but I suppose you will be the judge of that, well, if there are any of you.

My plan right now is to use this blogger site for awhile and then if I get things up and running, branch out on my own. We'll see. I'll have to have enough to write about and enough of you to read it. Between a lot of things that have happened with the Florida Marlins this season (and my personal experiences at the stadium, etc) plus what will happen this offseason, there will be plenty to write of (will there be another post-season fire sale ala 1997?). Plus the normal hot-stove league discussions and the start of the 2004 College Baseball season is not that far away.


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