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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

A Marlins Blog Exists

Today I found a blog exclusively dedicated to the Marlins. As some of you may recall, the intention of this blog was for me to dispense my thoughts on baseball to all of you free of charge (all though donations and signs of appreciation are accepted and appreciated). The appropriately titled Beisbol features in-depth Marlins coverage. Some of it is a little newsy, but there's lots of good regular commentary. Best of all, this will get me out of feeling obligated to post about the Marlins, which I've been doing for awhile now since it just seemed wrong to see blog after blog about all the other clubs, but nary a mention about the Fish. And I also have to say that I never felt right writing about men in teal.

I'm sure that some of you will see this as a highly unfortunate turn of events. This is probably valid because now I will spend more time focusing on railing on Marlins President David Samson (can't wait to see him trying to wear his World Series ring - it may be bigger than his little head), the Cubs, among other topics. And oh yeah, I'll write about what I wanted to write about from the beginning - baseball in general, the White Sox, and College Baseball - especially the Hurricanes.


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