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Tuesday, April 13, 2004


While I usually agree with what Rob Neyer and Aaron Gleeman have to say, I saw the Barry Bonds 660 Home Run hype a little differently. To me, this was to be expected as ESPN will hype anything and everything they possibly can.

You can usually tell it's an overhyped event when Chris Berman shows up. Actually, I don't think Berman works anymore unless it's something he's seriously interested. Good for him. If I was Chris Berman, I would too. I'm not saying I'd show up on Master's Sunday in a green jacket, but I'd be at every World Series and whatever else struck my fancy.

ESPN goes so far to hype things up that they even have their own kind of news now - ESPNews. Think about it. I know it's a network, but they turn plenty of things into events that simply aren't events. There was the reality show that was so insipid I'm not even going to look up the name of it or post a link to it. More recently ESPN hosted the self-proclaimed "Dream Job" reality show where one lucky contestant was chosen to be a SportsCenter host. Funny, but I haven't seen him on television since a day or two after that show ended.

ESPN, like so many other things in sports today, apparently thinks that the sports themselves aren't enough to sell themselves and appeal to viewers. So we are subjected to the likes of Stuart Scott, who for me at least, turns me off of watching sports highlights, which is admittedly tough to do.


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