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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Viva Las Vegas

And so it begins. In a surprising lack of keeping up with the details of the story, ESPN is reporting that the Marlins stadium financing deadline is still May 1st. Jayson Stark wrote an article that states that Mr. Loria would like to move the team to either DC or Las Vegas, which the article quotes him as referring to as a "gold mine."

If Las Vegas is a gold mine, why doesn't MLB move the Expos there? Their financial situation is worse. It looks like the politicing has begun. The inevitable is now upon us. The Marlins have put off relocation talk for about as long as possible. Now it begins as we enter the home stretch for financing a new park.

I guess I'm sad about this today for the first time. I don't want to see the team leave by any stretch of the imagination (well, at least as long as I live in Miami). If I was moving (which I'm not) to Las Vegas, I would be thrilled to see a major league team following me out there. But at the same time I'm completely opposed to publicly financing this new park. Unfortunately keeping the team here without public financing is probably an impossibility.

Oh well, I still get to go and see the D-Train in person tonight. I'll keep enjoying that while I can.


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