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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

It's time again...

... for another laugh out loud-funny Joe Morgan chat-session, as interpreted by Mike's Baseball Rants. Some of the highlights from this week's edition, in my humble opinion, were:

"Al Morgan (Little Rock, AR): Good morning Joe! I really appreciate your expertise and precision on the game of baseball. What do you think the early struggles of the Giants are attributed to? I mean the scores seem to be competitive but never enough to win. Do you think that the organization is going to have to make some more moves this season in-terms of acquiring another bat and maybe a pitcher?

Joe Morgan: The Giants struggles ... they've lost Kent and Reggie Sanders and Renteria. Now it's a one horse team. It's all on Barry's shoulders. I think it's going to be a tough season for the Giants. I don't expect it to get much better."

Ummm . . . I don't remember Edgar Renteria ever playing for the Giants. . .

AND. . .

"Shrevie Wonder (Mesa, AZ): Who was the best shortstop you ever played with?

Joe Morgan: Bailey Concepcion"

. . . no baseball fans, you did not miss out on the outstanding career of Bailey Concepcion. I think we are to infer that Joe is really referring to Davey Concepcion here. Simple mistake. I confuse Bailey for Davey all the time. . .

I also learned two new words, courtesy of Mike, this week: putative and putrescence. While both are interesting, I doubt that I will be able to incorporate either into my daily speech very often.


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