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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Marlins Marital Woes Threaten Franchise Stability

Hank Goldberg, who is a Miami sports radio personality and ESPN personality, was suspended from his radio show this week. On Monday, Goldberg apparently reported that Jeffrey Loria, owner of the Marlins, is having marital problems and that if things are not reconciled (read to the bottom), the future of the Marlins could be at stake, because Mrs. Loria really has or controls the money. It's not clear if this is because of some sort of a pre-nuptial arrangement, if Mrs. Loria came into the marriage with the money, or what the case may be.

Apparently the Marlins were not happy about this dirty laundry being aired publicly, and they raised this concern to Goldberg’s radio station, which is also the Marlins flagship radio network. Goldberg has not been heard from since.

The most enlightening tidbit that came out of this whole debacle is that Mrs. Loria is David Samson’s mother. At least we all now know how Davey got his primo-job.

Olympic Basketball
The US Men’s Basketball team, a supposed Dream Team roster, lost earlier this week to Italy in an exhibition game. The Italian team contained zero NBA players or prospects. Granted, this is nowhere near the equivalent of the 1992 Dream Team – in fact there’s hardly a first-team All-NBA player on the roster, but at some point the NBA is going to want to stop sending its players over there, otherwise we in the ticket buying public will realize that the best players in the world (of actual basketball, not the NBA game) aren’t in the NBA.

Dodgers’ manager Jim Tracy changed his uniform number from 12 to 16 this week. There are two ways to take the story: one, he switched numbers out of respect to traded catcher Paul Lo Duca, who formerly wore 16 for the Dodgers. The other option is that newly acquired Steve Finley, who has worn 12 throughout his career, wanted the number 12, so Tracy had to acquiesce to keep his new star happy.

Olympic Conspiracy Theory
Have the folks who are running the Athens Olympics been so slick that they’ve set us all up to expect a disastrous games when all along they’ve been ready to pull off something quite reasonable or even great? For a long time now the talk has been about what a mess Athens will be, how the events aren’t ready, etc. In recent weeks there have been power problems and telephone outages. Couple that with the security fears, and generally expectations are low – to put it mildly – for this summer’s games. I’m not sure if these folks in Athens have been slyly manipulating our expectations, but that’s one of the theories that’s floating out there.


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