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Monday, August 16, 2004

Vactican Denies existence of this Blog

Apparently the Vatican has found the time to deny the existence of this little blog of mine. You can read all about it here. I have to say that I'm quite surprised. This is just a little blog about baseball - nothing to get all worked up about. Maybe they're trying to supress the truth I'm about to spread about Steve Bartman. Maybe the Pope loves the Cubs and despises my White Sox and Marlins-centric writing. Who knows?

I'll also admit that this caught me quite off guard. And while I'm sure that sharing this picture will doom me to an eternity in hell (click here), I was under the impression that the pope was a lot less busy than this pronouncement would seem to indicate. Apparently, in between time spent nose-picking, His Holiness has found the time to personally indict my work.

Last week I thought that Matt Welch had made it big time when someone started up a blog to mock both him personally and his blog. However, I think that having a religious organization condemn you (or supress your work) is a much bigger acknowledgement that you're actually reaching people. I'll take whatever recognition I can get. So, thank you, your Holiness. I think you have somewhat legitimized the work that I'm doing. One day, I'm sure, this will look great on my resume.


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