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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Red Sox aren't Cursed, Just Inept

In yesterday’s action, the Boston Red Sox, backed by an outstanding outing by starting pitcher Curt Schilling, took the lead in their series against the Anaheim Angels. The going does not get any easier for the Angels today, as Pedro Martinez will take the hill for the Red Sox today in an important game for the team from Bean Town. In any year other than this one, having Pedro on the hill would be a great thing - and probably a sure win – for the Red Sox, because he has historically been nothing other than dominant.

But as of late, Pedro hasn't been Pedro. Pedro's been hittable on the mound, and off the mound, he's been just plain weird. After losing to the Yankees recently, Pedro went off to reporters with this: "What can I say? I just tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddies. I can't find a way to beat them at this point. ... I wish they would fucking disappear and never come back. I'd like to face any other team right now. To pitch a good game, make good pitches and still can't beat them. It's frustrating."

Um... great!

Sounds like he's ready to go out there and win some playoff games. But it gets better... this is taken directly from The Black Table: "In the best move of all, he brought an emaciated Latin midget named Nelson de la Rosa, dressed in a Red Sox uniform (de la Rosa is actually an actor who starred in -- of course -- The Island of Dr. Moreau with Marlon Brando). Why did he do this? No one is quite sure, but Martinez did request that de la Rosa meet with manager Terry Francona and general manager Theo Epstein. That's not a joke. Francona even did meet with him and admitted ‘looking behind de la Rosa to see if he had batteries.’"

At first I didn't believe the de la Rosa part of this. But there's photo evidence of the whole thing that you can read here. When you get to the Dirt Dogs site just keep scrolling down. It gets weirder and weirder farther down the page.

And for those of you who think this is even further evidence that the Red Sox truly are cursed, I hate to break it to you, but you're simply wrong. This article is a little lengthy, but it is very thorough and supports many arguments that I've been reading elsewhere lately. There is also some new (to me at least) evidence that the Red Sox are much less victims of a curse and more so victims of their own mismanagement and sloppy research by the media.


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