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Friday, February 04, 2005

Weekend Reading

Here’s some fun weekend reading about a guy who recently attended the Mets fantasy baseball camp. If you’re not a lifelong Mets fan (and even if you are, you’d have to be of a certain age), many of the names of the former Mets may not be familiar to you. Still, it sounds like a great experience. All of the attendees get real uniforms, a real clubhouse, and all baseball for a whole week.

Still, I’m not sure that it’s something I’d ever want to do. For one thing, it’s expensive. Also, if I ever did fork over the kind of money you need to in order to attend a camp like this, I’d at least make sure I knew the difference between a glove and a mitt, which the fellow who writes this blog uses interchangeably (for those of you who don't know the difference and refuse to look at the definitions - a glove has separations for each finger, while a mitt only has a separation for the thumb - if any at all; it's just like the difference between gloves and mittens that you'd wear during the winter). Yes, that’s nitpicking I know, but for someone who’s going to spend a week’s vacation time and dedicate a big chunk of cash to this sort of a vacation, I would think you would want to be familiar with these types of differences.

When you go to read, remember to start at the bottom or the blog and read the posts in reverse order, so that everything makes sense. This blog world is upside down you know.


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