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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Jack McKeon Writes a Book

Jack McKeon has a new book out this spring. I’ll admit that I haven’t read it – yet. I’ll also admit that no one on our staff has read it yet (ok, so that’s just for those of you who enjoy our use of the royal ‘we’).

Did you notice Jack’s World Series ring wrapped around the cigar?

From all I’ve heard so far, this book promises to be a good read and will more than likely be in the anti-Moneyball mode. While McKeon is a baseball legend for his success on the field as a manager and in the front office as a general manager (where he acquired the nickname ‘Trader Jack’ – even trading his own son in law at one point), he’s not the most computer savvy manager in the league. In fact, when asked whether he went on the Internet to research his new book Jack said something along the lines of, “I sat down at my desk, giggled the computer, but didn’t get anything.”

In all likelihood, McKeon’s ghostwriter (Kevin Kernan) probably contributed significantly to this work. McKeon has a hard enough time remembering the names of some of his players (thankfully – for Jack at least – the Fish have replaced Hee Seop Choi with Carlos Delgado).

I’m guessing too that this book might actually arrive at your door smelling like a good cigar.


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