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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Marlins Stadium Needs Possibly Fall by the Way(ne)side

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that the Marlins may not be out of options with Wayne Huizenga and Dolphins Stadium after all.

As you probably remember, a few months back Mr. Huizenga not only annoucned that Pro Player Stadium was being renamed after his football team, but he also announced that once their current lease was up that the Marlins wouldn't be welcomed back. This set off a series of events, which included Marlins ownership meeting with Las Vegas leaders, those same Vegas leaders bringing showgirls to baseball's winter meetings, and a renewed initiative for the Marlins publicly financed stadium push.

From the article:
"Let's say for some reason or another they didn't get their thing done and they wanted to stay. OK, fine. That's not the end of the world as long as we can make the improvements we need to make and work out some of the issues," said Huizenga.
Like him or not, Huizenga is a smart (or at least shrewd) man. Today's pronoucement could mean any of a number of things. My semi-educated (at least in my personal opinion) guesses are (ranked in order of likelihood):
  1. The 3-city Super Bowl rotation plan that Huizenga has advocated (which would, of course, include the Dolphins, Miami, and South Florida) is not coming together, so his building needs another tenant.
  2. Huizenga is worried that in order to help the Marlins fund their new stadium the state will take away the $30 million sales tax subsidy that he was given when the Marlins came to Florida (as Huizenga owned the team originally). If they don't get a stadium, Wayne can keep his sales tax exemption.
  3. Huizenga is just trying to stick it to the Marlins and make things as difficult as possible.

Ok, so I really think all three reasons are to blame here. This should continue to be interesting to follow.


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