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Friday, April 29, 2005

Milton Bradley - I'm cheering for you

There is a nice feature in the current edition of USA Today's "Sports Weekly" about Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley (unfortunately, I can't find a link to it). As you know, Bradley has had a tumultous career, which has led him to bounce between the Expos, Indians, and now to the Dodgers. He is uber-talented, but has historically had a temper to match.

After his incident last year at Dodger Stadium (which isn't worth rehashing here), Bradley apologized to everyone and actively sought help.

So far it seems, he's genuinely made use of that help and is a changed person. What's even more fortunate for Milton is that the Dodgers stood by him. It would have been easy for them to sever ties with the outfielder - either to trade him or release him, but they didn't. And now they are reaping the rewards for this - as they have a happy and productive Bradley in their lineup.

I think there's a lesson in that for a lot of us. Maybe not - time will tell. In the mean time, I'll be cheering for Milton Bradley.


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