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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Once in awhile last year I posted links to some of the more unusual things that generated hits here at The Book. Lately there have been some really interesting ones, but many of them were so weird that I wasn't even comfortable linking to them.

Yesterday though I came across this one, which I found to be pretty interesting. Apparently a college class is studying the Marlins efforts to get a new stadium (I'd say "where were these classes when I was in school?" but I majored in Sports Management as an undergrad). As part of their coursework the students were given a link to a story that I wrote about the incremental sales tax (found here).

This is one of those things that worries me some times about the blogosphere. The particular post of mine linked to above was something I just threw together, didn't even proof read, and then left out there for the world to enjoy. Usually when I do something like that, hardly anybody reads it. But in this case (and last year too when I wrote about the water conserving urinals at then Pro Player Stadium - you'll have to scroll down to the Potty Talk/Environmentalism post) the post generated something of an audience and a following.

Maybe I should mess with the students who don't read the post until later in the semester. I could go back and change it to make it seem as if I'm very-pro publicly funded stadiums and that I think the Marlins incremental tax assumptions are conservative.

I won't really do that of course, but the possibility of it exposes a flaw of blogs. In this particular case, what I wrote may serve to provide some interesting insight into the public perception (albeit my personal take, which hopefully for these students is representative of some percentage of the population) of the situation. But it also can't ever be considered as something as legitimate as the news articles and other materials linked to on the course syllabus (see first link).

Ok, I'll go back into my hole now and stop stating the obvious.

P.S. If you're here looking for Marlins content, go to our new site - Fish Stripes


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