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Monday, October 03, 2005

The Collapse That Wasn't

There's been a considerable amount of talk the past few weeks about the impending collapse of the White Sox. For awhile, it seemed pretty likely. I won't lie - I was worried about it.

But the Sox finished up strong, including a season ending sweep of the playoff-contending Indians. That allowed the Sox to win the division by a healthy 6 games. All told, the White Sox won 99 games - tying a franchise record (1983).

Now the playoffs begin and the White Sox have drawn the defending World Champion Red Sox. While the White Sox had the AL's best regular season record and have home field advantage in this series, they are, by almost all accounts, decided underdogs in this series.

I'm hoping that's just Red Sox hype, but I really don't know. Like each of the other six teams in the playoffs this year, the White Sox and Red Sox are definitely flawed. The 1998 Yankees and 1984 Tigers are not in this post-season tournament.

I'm just hoping that the White Sox stay hot for the playoffs. Most folks point at the ChiSox's strong record against the AL Central as evidence that they can't beat anyone outside of their division. That oversimplifies the truth, which is that the White Sox have run hot and cold this year. When they've been hot, they've beaten anyone. When they've been cold, they've lost to anyone (including the likes of the Royals). It looked like they were hot at the conclusion of the regular season. Starting tomorrow we'll get to see if that carries over into the playoffs.


  • At 12:14 AM, October 04, 2005, Blogger wiggins said…


    The Chisox have never won 100 games? That is surprising.

    I think they will beat the crap out of the Bosox. Honestly.

    Of course - what the hell do I know? I sure as hell hope we get a white Sox-Angles ALCS. Get that other crap out of here...

  • At 7:54 AM, October 04, 2005, Blogger Mike said…

    I know - it's really surprising. You'd think that in all the years the Sox would have been around that they'd have won 100 games at some point. But they haven't.

    That's probably about as likely as the Marlins having won two World Titles in a decade without ever winning a division title.

    Also (to everyone), sorry about the word verification, but it seems to cut down on the spam comments.

  • At 11:57 AM, October 04, 2005, Blogger Mike said…

    Oops - I was wrong. The 1917 team did win 100 games for the Sox (100-54). They're the only club in Sox history to accomplish the feat.


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