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Thursday, October 20, 2005

TBOM's World Series Predictions

I've atypically stayed out of the post-season prediction business this October, and that's intentional because the White Sox are in the playoffs. Now they're in the World Series and I'm not going to start making predictions about series outcomes. It's not that I'm superstitious or anything - some things are just bad luck.

That said, this looks to be a really great series. The pitching matchups look like they'll be outstanding. Both teams stand to benefit greatly from their home parks. You could easily make a case for either team winning the series. I'm not going to make the case for the White Sox or the Astros though. My only prediction will be that the series will not go to seven games. In their illustrious post-season history, the White Sox have never had a post-season series reach the limit. I see no reason for that to change right now.

Regardless of the outcome, I'm going to enjoy the ride. It's not that often that your team makes it this far. It might not ever happen again. I'm going to hope with all my might that the Sox pull off this series, but if they don't, that will be fine too. The 2005 White Sox season has been a heck of a ride, and I'm going to enjoy these next four to seven games to the fullest.

Go Sox!


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