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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

In the opening day broadcast, someone on the Sox broadcast team made mention of the White Sox playing small ball this season. It was probably Ed Farmer. It's an interesting point.

Over the past few years -- the past decade really -- the White Sox have relied on a power game. Sure, much of baseball did, but the Sox were particularly reliant on the long ball. The Sox stadium was homer friendly and the lineup was full of boppers.

Now the power hitters are gone or are on the decline. With the addition of players like Juan Pierre, it doesn't seem like the Sox offense will be carried by homers any time soon. Sure there will be surges like in the opener, where the team hit a few homers. But over the long haul, Sox fans will have to get used to station-to-station baseball, stolen bases, and bunts.

Sure, it's not the most statistically sound strategy. But it can be a lot of fun to watch. The 2010 White Sox will likely rely on pitching, defense, and "headiness" on the base paths.

As a fan of the college game, I get the importance of those things. Having watched plenty of Hurricanes games over the years, I've seen plenty of games won via the bunt (well executed, mis-handled, or both) and via stolen bases that set up game winning hits. It would be kind of fun to see that type of baseball work at the Major League level. The Angels have been doing that -- to some extent -- for years. Maybe this is the year the White Sox do it too.


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