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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Is that Gan-yeah or Gag-knee?

The Marlins lost a tough one last night to the Dodgers. Armando Benitez looked a little bit more like the Benitez most of us feared he would last night – not necessarily with how he through the ball to the plate, but his errant throw to first base was something that most Marlins’ fans did not want to see.

Miguel Cabrera also misplayed a ball in the outfield during extra innings that is becoming more the rule than the exception. Some have speculated that Cabrera is simply not used to watching the game from the right side of the field and is thus having a hard time picking the ball up off the bat. If that’s the case, he may need to get some Lasik surgery. Plenty of other players move from right to left field without issue, and infielders move around as well. Granted, it’s not the easiest thing in the world – picking the ball up off of the bat in centerfield is decidedly easier than picking it up off the bat in left or right, but he’s misplayed a handful of routine balls out there already and we’re not that far into the season. I suppose as long as he keeps on hitting though, it’s really not much to worry about. Yes, it has looked like he has directly cost the team some ball games, but he’s had plenty of big hits earlier in games this year that have allowed the Fish to win at least as many more.

On the flip side, as many fans appear to be back on the Jeff Conine bandwagon as have jumped off of Cabrera’s. To that I have to say “slow down.” Yes, Conine appears to be out of his early season funk, and yes, he has traditionally been a slow starter. But Conine looks old and stiff – much more so than he has in the past. Conine also has feasted on pitching in Colorado (who doesn’t?) and on the Giants (who isn’t this year?). Let’s see how he holds up over the next few weeks. Heck, even Alex Gonzalez looked like a real hitter in Denver last week.

In case you’re still reading this, it must be because you’re wondering if I genuinely am crazy. Well, I can confirm for you that I am. During last night’s game when Eric Gagne entered the game in extra innings I genuinely thought this would be the game where Gagne’s save streak came to an end. It has to end at some point (right?) and the Marlins have been doing the improbable for about a year now, so why not cause the best closer in the game (currently) to blow a save, and maybe even lose the game? Gagne, of course, proceeded to strike out the first two hitters he faced. Juan Pierre, who I love, then came up and singled solidly up the middle – a line drive even. I’m not sure though if Juan had his eyes open for any part of the at bat (just kidding) – I’m pretty sure he just got up there and hacked, and got lucky. In the end though it didn’t matter - Gagne closed it out. Huge shocker!

Hopefully the Fish won’t let the ball get to him for the next two games.


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