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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Miamians Agree - Castro Must Go

No, not that Castro – the Marlins Ramon Castro. More on Castro the catcher below...

After an absence due to the long weekend, the Book is back. Apparently, so are the Marlins. Well, at least we all thought they were before yesterday’s defeat at the hands of Ken Griffey, Sean Casey, and the rest of the Reds. I was in attendance at yesterday’s game, also known as the hottest day ever in May – or at least it felt that way. Yes, I received one of the “replica” giveaway rings. I say “replica” because it looks nothing like the rings the players received, although it is a decent giveaway.

The Marlins loss yesterday was surely disappointing. It’s never good to give up a 5 run lead, particularly when you leave eleven men on base over the course of the game. Going into yesterday’s game, prospects looked bright. A.J. Burnett is set to return to the hill for the first time this season on Thursday against the division rival New York Mets. The Fish were also riding a five-game winning streak.

All is still well in Marlin-land though - well, relatively at least. Josh Beckett is on the disabled list, but just about everyone is saying it’s far less serious than when Beckett had similar blister problems in previous years. At least Burnett is back to take his place. The pitching staff – particularly the bullpen – still looks shaky, at best, but it’s June and the Marlins are in first place, so it’s hard to complain.

On a somewhat related note, it was interesting yesterday to see how un-popular Ken Griffey Jr. (who hit his 494th career home run in the game - this article, by the way, misses the fact that Griffey was likely alluding to the posters with oversized photos of the Marlins World Series rings that he was constantly taunted with throughout the game, and not the piddly giveaways that the fans received) has become in Miami since his glare found its way to the Marlins dugout on his trip around the bases last week in Cincinnati. Griffey was booed regularly – at the plate and in the field during yesterday’s game.

Possibly the only ballplayer who received more ire from the fans yesterday was Marlins backstop Ramon Castro, who is hitting a paltry .135 on the year. Callers to the Marlins post-game show yesterday suggested luminaries such as Paul Bako and Bobby Estalella as worthy replacements. Sadly, these journeymen could be considered upgrades at this point.

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  • At 10:29 PM, July 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok, so it might be weird that I'm commenting on a blog this old, but I was at this game, too. They booed him a ton. I kept hearing them chant "princess". Don't know why. funny coincidence, though.



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