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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Random Links and Interesting Baseball Things

Twins Lose - Non Yankee Fans Mourn
Aaron Gleeman recaps last night’s Twins loss. The Twins have come far, and may still win this series, but last night’s game was a prime example of what an extra $100 million in payroll can do for a ball club. With that kind of money the Twins would have been able to afford an extra premium arm in their bullpen, which likely would have preserved the win for them. Instead they may have lost not only the game, but also have done damage to Joe Nathan’s psyche.

Batgirl provides a less analytical (but far more humourous) recap of the same game.

Barry Bonds is not a bad baseball player
In case you missed it, Barry Bonds had a pretty good year, again. This was a complete surprise to me. I figured he was just old and on the down-side of his career. Who knew?

The lack of talent that has surrounded Barry Bonds over his career is amazing. Peter Gammons, though, thinks that Jeff Kent is hall-of-fame bound. This will most definitely be true if Kent can manage to spend a few seasons in Beantown before he hangs it up. Regardless, that Bonds has elevated the game of enough of his teammates to make as many playoff runs as his Giants have, is simply amazing.

Gary Sheffield May Know Something, But Has issues of His Own
Gary Sheffield does not have very much positive to say about Bonds. Methinks Gary needs to talk to someone about how adult men who are capable of financially supporting themselves conduct relationships with other adult men. Apparently Gary is not familiar with this and thus has had an unusual relationship with Barry Bonds, the old dude mentioned above.

Playoff Predictions
An unusual summation of predictions made by some other folks (not all from ESPN even).

Moneyball is not a Disaster
Despite the fact that the Athletics once again had one of the lowest payrolls in major league baseball, folks are jumping all over them for failing to make the playoffs. Most teams would be happy to have reached the playoffs in four of the past five years, but apparently that’s not a good enough total for the A’s – at least in the minds of observers. I’m sure Billy Beane is not happy to be watching the games on television this October, but it does nothing to diminish what he and his ballclub have been able to accomplish.

Joe Morgan seems to be lapsing in and out of his form on the television broadcasts this post-season. That’s not something we’re used to hearing. Usually Jon Miller keeps him in line. Still though, he’s no Tim McCarver, and that’s a good thing. More on Morgan and McCarver another day. I’m afraid to let all of that anger and frustration out today.


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