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Monday, May 16, 2005

Julio Franco - Subject Him to Special Testing

It's 2005 and Julio Franco is still going strong. It's completely amazing. Back in 1985, most folks probably didn't see Franco as a major leaguer as far into the future as 1995. But now it's 10 years past then and Franco is still going strong.

On what probably seems like an unrelated note, I'm tired of all the steroid talk. Just ban everything that should be banned and be done with it. To make it up to the players though, they should take a blood sample from Julio Franco and inject every major leaguer with whatever special stuff is flowing through his veins.

Heck, the rest of us would probably buy whatever it is too. Franco seems to have some anti-aging (maybe reversing) something-or-other in his body. At age 46, Franco is simply ripped - more so than most 26-year olds could ever hope to be.


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