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Thursday, May 05, 2005

This Week's College World Series Forecast

Last week we posted our first picks for the College World Series. Here are this week's:
  1. Texas
  2. Tulane
  3. Florida
  4. Baylor
  5. Oregon State
  6. Miami
  7. Louisana-Lafayette
  8. Cal-State Fullerton

The list hasn't changed much from last week, except that I omitted Fullerton last week somehow. The top two spots are pretty much locks.

Not that it would bother me any, but Florida may have peaked too early this year. While it's just a mid-week game, and it's always tough to get a read on those because of the lineups that are typically used, the Gators lost to Florida State, again, this week. It may be a timing thing, and it may be a mid-week thing, but the Gators might not be as good, and the Noles might be a little better than most of us are giving them credit for right now.

Louisiana-Lafayette is still my wild card pick. They haven't played any top 25 competition, which could hurt them come the post-season (especially when you consider that Baseball America's top 5 teams have each played at least 10 games against top 25 opponents; Texas has faced 19 coming into the week). It's never the top 8 teams in the country that make it to Omaha though. You've got to have some luck, good timing, and, of course, strong pitching. So I'll stick with Lafayette until they stumble.

As always, this list was heavily influenced by the pseudo-RPIs found at Boyd's World.


  • At 11:03 PM, May 05, 2005, Anonymous wiggins said…

    I'm obviously hoping the FSU is better than everyone thinks. Maybe they can put together a run here at the end of the season...

  • At 7:42 AM, May 06, 2005, Blogger Mike said…

    Even if FSU doesn't put together the run they're probably capable of, they have to be positioned well for next year. They are a very young team.

    How the seedings shake out should be interesting. They could end up facing UF or Miami in a Super Regional, which would be fun to watch.

  • At 4:39 PM, May 06, 2005, Anonymous wiggins said…

    I hope more of that stuff is on easily availble TV this year. It has been nice seeing more of College ball this year in general (with the hockey strike) - I hope that they continue that in the regionals, etc.


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