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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

My Hurricane Wilma Pictures

Here are some pictures I took around town yesterday (I know that most people prefer to see the pictures directly, but they're too large for the page and I'm having trouble sizing them):

This doesn't look like much of a picture (the light is from the flash), but it's the view from my apartment during some of the worst of the storm. It doesn't look like much came out, but that's honestly what it looked like outside at the time. You couldn't make out anything.

I took this picture during a relative lull in the action. Those white things that you see hiding out near the water are ibises (ibes?). Yes - the birds that the University of Miami uses to represent their mascot. We're always told about how brave the ibis is, since it's the last to leave before a hurricane and the first to return after a storm. Given that this picture was taken during the storm, I'm afraid to say that the ibis may just be dumb, as they rode out the storm without protection. Folks might think they leave late and return early, but in reality they may stick around all the time.

A sideways view of the second half of the storm, which was far less intense for me. I took this picture from outside on the balcony.

A normal looking shot from the same angle

The view slightly to the right of the previous two pictures (this looks somewhat Northeast). I thought I was taking a picture of a mini-tornado at the time. With the movement in the water you could almost see them forming. Fortunately, they never got going.

A view to the East. Normally you can see the Orange Bowl and the downtown skyline from this view.

NW 7th Street near LeJeune. Low hanging street lights like this were (and still are) a common sight around town. This picture was taken around 1:30 yesterday, just after the storm passed.

Typical Burger King. This one is at NW 7th and Douglas. Note that the large rectangular portion of the sign (where the BK logo should be) faces a different direction than the smaller rectangular portion below it. Normally these two pieces should line up.

Walgreen's signage. Another typical sight. This is the Walgreen's on 27th Ave and Flagler.

Some shops on 27th Ave and Calle Ocho lost all of their windows. This is a furniture store. Everything looked pretty ruined.

Same shop - more towards the corner. There were a lot of stores with broken windows. Those without store owners or workers were being guarded by police.

Another shot of the store. You can see through to 8th Street (Calle Ocho).

Outside Cocowalk. I went to visit a friend in the Grove. We went to look for food. We saw a stranded car (due to driver stupidity - not the storm) and lots of debris. This is just outside Victoria's Secret at Cocowalk.

More Cocowalk. Another Fat Tuesday's sees an ugly fate. You might be able to make out a television suspended from the ceiling, which seemed to be ok.

Another view of Cocowalk. Security wouldn't let us pass through - they said stuff was still falling.

Our intended destination. Senor Frog's on Main Highway never closes. Never. This is the first time in my decade in Miami that this place has been closed. This was an ominous sign.

A boat finds itself in the parking lot. This sailboat has to be at least 30-feet long. It's well into the parking lot in the Grove.

Some idiot from Channel 6 (NBC) prepares to do a shot with the boat. Note that the newsperson is wearing shorts. You always have to wonder what those people are really wearing when you see them on TV.

A view of the marina in the Grove. Normally there would be a lot of boats here. Note the masts. Many boats didn't survive the storm.

The boat in the parking lot wasn't the only one to suffer that fate. These just didn't make it as far.

These boats didn't sink. But they came loose from their moorings. It may have been fortunate that they ran into this island (not far from shore).

Hopefully the folks with the stranded boats aren't planning on calling SeaTow. Their boat sank too.

This mini-van was not far from the sunken sailboats. Hopefully this person's boat survived.

This is a full-size van on its side on top of a Camaro. This is on 14th and West on South Beach - just across the street from where I used to live.

And here's where I used to live. I was in the building on the left (the van is just to the right of this picture). The building looked ok, but getting in and out will be a mess.

Heading back to the Grove, we found this tree taking up the road. Someone was kind enough to nail a stop sign to the tree. That's a power line under the tree. We had no where to go but under the tree. Luckily the car (barely) made it. Such fun.

Major thanks to Craig for helping me to get these pictures posted! Thanks, Craig!


  • At 3:49 PM, October 28, 2005, Anonymous craig said…

    You're very welcome.

    What a mess! The aftermath of hurricanes are scarry, daunting and strangely impressive to me.


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