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Monday, April 12, 2010

Where's the Offense?

One home stand and two intra-division series are in the books for the White Sox and the results are simply disappointing. At the conclusion of week 1 of the 2010 season the White Sox find themselves in last place in the AL Central. Sure, it's only 6 games out of 162, but taking only 1 of 3 games from both the Indians and Twins isn't a good way to start the 2010 campaign. What's most disappointing about it is how poor the offense performed.

Sure, there was the outburst on Opening Day which now looks like an anomaly. But since then there's just been a lot of ineptness. White Sox fans shouldn't be surprised. Disappointed, maybe. But not surprised.

Heading into Spring Training "everyone" knew that the White Sox biggest weakness was offense. The starting pitching and bullpen look to be solid (or better) and the defense is adequate. But the lineup is riddled with guys who are past their primes, lack power, and/or don't get on base very often. Now, it's not a lineup without redeeming qualities -- there are good players -- but there are plenty of holes.

Those holes have contributed to a team batting average that's under .200. Well under .200. Certainly that will improve, but it's frustrating to see the week one DH's include Juan Pierre and Mark Kostay.

Maybe the Sox will make a trade. Realistically, that's unlikely this early. And by the time a trade is a reasonable possibility, the Sox may be on their way to being sellers instead of buyers.

Instead of a trade, maybe the Sox can pursue a free agent. While there's a lot of history and ill will involved in such a move, maybe the Sox should consider Jermaine Dye. Even a duplication of his horrific second half performance last season would be an upgrade over what the Sox are getting now. Or maybe the Sox should go after Hank Blalock. Maybe it's time to bring back Minnie Minoso.


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