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"This is no junior college. This is the notorious University of Miami.” -- Marlins starter Dontrelle Willis, after getting knocked around for six runs in 2 1/3 innings by the Canes.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Calm Down Red Sox nation

We’ll soon have a mailbag feature as I’m sure that some of you will find the email I receive from others to be as entertaining as I find it… here are some snippets from today’s inbox from Red Sox nation…

A prayer…
Our father who art at Fenway
Baseball be thy game
Thy kingdom come
World Series won
On Earth as it is at the Cask n' Flagon
Give us this day our Petie Martinez
And forgive us our losses as we forgive those
Like young Billy Buckner
And lead us not into depression
But deliver us from the curse and the Evil Empire


And I’m not sure if this one is a joke or a threat…

A Yankees fan, a Red Sox fan, a Cubs fan and a Marlins fan climb up to the top of a mountain talking about how loyal they are to their team (ok, so the Marlins fan is obviously going to lose this argument, but at least he’s along for the hike), and how they would do anything for them. Once they reach the top of the mountain the Cubs fan screams, "THIS IS FOR THE CUBS" and jumps off. The Marlins fan screams "THIS IS FOR THE MARLINS" and he too jumps off of the mountain. Finally the Red Sox fan screams, "THIS IS FOR EVERYONE" and pushes the Yankees fan off.
Sadly I have received no comments from anyone professing to be among the Marlins faithful. Everything is from another team. Maybe everyone’s jumping off the bandwagon now that the series is 1 -1 (the Fish still have home field though – if they win out… well, you know the rest).


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