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Friday, March 12, 2004

Are you looking for me?

A random list of some of referrals that brought people to this site (most of the funny ones are links from searches that people do on Google, Yahoo, etc):

A book about steroids, find it for me mr google – oddly enough this search produces The Book of Mike as the third most relevant result. Simply frightening… It scares me more that someone out there thinks they’re having a conversation with “Mr. Google” than the fact that this site was the 3rd most relevant result. Sadly, this poor soul doesn't know enough to go to Amazon or to find a book. Even more sadly, this person came to this site looking for a book about steroids.

for mike the book for mike – another odd thing to type into a search engine, but I was happy to see this popped me up as the first result.

"Everybody's doing the fish" – came up fifth here. This one shows up a lot. I think that video they seem to show randomly at games is the older cousin of the rally monkey. Catchy and entertaining, but not quite as popular.

"yankees have appeared in " 39 world series – that this blog appeared first in the results set for this search defies logic. Google should investigate.

miami's roosters – The Book of Mike came in fifth for this one. I need to be more careful about what I write. Don’t think I want this crowd coming to the site.

And last but not least – possibly my favorite search (other than the Mr. Google one) of all time: mike beckett dog training – Unfortunately for Mike Beckett, he appears to be less web savvy than his potential customers as The Book of Mike was ranked higher than any site actually relating to Mike Beckett and dog training.


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