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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Prepare yourself

Blogging will likely be light for the next few days, as I will be away from my computer. While this is good for my eyes, it is probably sad news for those of you who have come to count on my always witty commentary and analysis of current events. Ha! Well, at least I amuse myself – that’s what my mother always says.

Seriously though, on a non-baseball related note, I am very curious to see “Supersize Me” when it comes to movie theaters in Miami. So far I haven’t seen it scheduled anywhere, but I am eagerly awaiting its release. For those of you who don’t know, the film is a documentary about a man who eats all of his meals at McDonald’s for one full month. During that time he gains about twenty-five pounds and starts to develop some health issues. This move could probably be considered a horror film in some respects, but for people like me, who think nothing of driving through a fast food joint for a meal on the run, it could be a real eye opener.

I also hope that this movie explores the issue of McDonald’s chicken, or chicken like products? Am I the only person who is genuinely disturbed by the distance between “white meat” and “chicken” in McDonald’s new advertisements for their new and improved McNuggets and Chicken sandwiches? I am sure that this is not just some clever marketing ploy, but something inspired by the company’s legal department which surely knows that reasonable people would assume that the “white chicken meat” (if it was written or described that way) would imply to people that the sandwich contained meat that came from a chicken. The way their products are worded though makes me think that they might actually contain “white meat” from some kind of animal with some “chicken” also mixed in. That’s just my opinion though, and is in no way meant to construe that McDonald’s is doing anything less than something on the up-and-up. I’m not going to be eating any chicken there though anytime soon though either.

Why would you though? Other fast food places have plenty of good new options. Burger King has their new chicken sandwich on the corn crusted bread, or whatever they’re calling it. Wendy’s has one too – and it’s grilled, not fried – plus it comes with some tangy sauce.

Ok, that’s all for this post for now. I’m disgusted with myself for writing about chicken sandwiches.


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