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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

No One Wants to Be in My Pants Right Now

No ladies, that’s not an invitation or a solicitation for emails from you asking me out on a date. Actually, it’s what Juan Rincon had to say about what he was feeling after the Twins were eliminated by the Yankees and Rincon was the pitcher of record (some of you who are far too familiar with Batgirl, may only recognize Rincon by his nickname of Boo Berry).

This my friends is an example of what is wrong in sports today. Sure, now everyone’s attention is focused on the Yankees and Red Sox. The buildup for this series has been so monumental that what took place during last night’s Astros – Braves game (the constant studio cut-ins about tomorrow night’s game; memo to Fox – if there aren’t other games going on, we don’t need updates) would make you think that even folks in Houston and St. Louis will be favoring the ALCS over the series featuring their home town teams.

Because of this, we’re left to dig through articles in miscellaneous Minnesota newspapers to find the quote of the year (you’ll have to read all the way to the bottom). Yes, that’s right, I said it. This quote is even better than Marquis Weeks’ from a few weeks back after he had his touchdown return and “running from the cops” description. No one wanting to be in your pants is simply funny – on a lot of levels. That this quote isn’t receiving more attention is truly a shame.

And this wouldn’t be the case if the tables were turned. Can you imagine the headlines if the Twins had knocked out the Yankees and in his post-game interview Yankees reliever Tom Gordon summarized his feelings about the situation by saying that “No one wants to be in my pants right now.” That clip would be played more regularly than the (edited – Pedro cursed when he said it) version of Pedro Martinez saying that he should just “tip my cap and call the Yankees my daddies.” Better yet can you imagine if Pedro had uttered Rincon’s line after his last loss to the Yankees? The fallout would be unimaginable. Instead of having to pull “Who’s Your Daddy” Red Sox shirts from the shelves everyone would be talking about the “No one wants to be in the pants of a Red Sox fan” shirt craze that would be sweeping the nation.

But we’re not, because it was said by a Twin. And that’s a shame.


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