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Thursday, May 19, 2005

I agree with Dusty Baker on something, what's next?

First of all, even when Dusty was managing the Giants, I found issue with him at times. Over the years, he's said some pretty whacked out things. This week though he said something about interleague play that I agree with:
"It's great for the fans, it's great for everybody, but that's a lot of games to decide who goes [to the playoffs] and who doesn't -- and they're not even in the same league," Baker said Tuesday. "I would like to see them go to three at their park one year and three at our park the next year."
While my initial reaction is to want to jump all over Dusty for being afraid to play the White Sox, he's got a point here. Yes, interleague play can be a great thing when the matchups are right. Series like Yankees - Mets, A's - Giants, and of course, White Sox - Cubs can be thrilling and meaningful (at least to the fans).

But the impact that these series can have on the playoff chase is also equally meaningful. This weekend while the Mets take on the Yankees and the Braves take on the Red Sox, the Marlins will play the first of two three-game sets against the lowly Devil Rays. Sure, the Marlins lost four of six to the Rays last year, but any team would rather play six against the Rays instead of six against the Yankees or Red Sox.

The interleague schedule is not equitable. At the end of the year this imbalance can impact who makes the playoffs and who makes tee times. I'd like to see more done about fixing that than I'd like to hear about imbalance in payrolls and the financial prospects of a team.


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