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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wilma Took My Power! The Day Three Recap

Still no power. FPL says it may take until 11/22. I'm optimistic that things will be back to normal before then. So far they've already restored power to 1/3 of all the people in Dade County. Last time (post-Katrina) I was one of the first people to get power back. The order of restoration seems to be different this time - I think because the damage in some places was more severe.

It's really weird. This whole thing is surreal. Not only do I not have power (and barely have water) but the White Sox won the World Series last night. I listened to the whole thing on the radio, but it still hasn't sunk in. It's a lot like how I keep flipping on light switches in my house, expecting lights to come on; I just can't comprehend that the Sox won the World Series (just like I can't comprehend that the lights really aren't going to come on).

The non-baseball "highlight" of the day came in the cafeteria yesterday, when I put out a small fire. Two young girls were ahead of me in line (there parents were nowhere in site). They were fascinated by the sterno that was heating up some food. One girl placed a napkin in the sterno (I didn't see this). Someone behind me noticed that it was on fire. I pulled the napkin out and stomped on it until the fire was out, but it was exciting to say the least. Weird stuff in a weird day.

Other than that, some normalcy returned around town. Grocery stores and drug stores reopened, if only partially. They're mostly running on generators. Nowhere is open later than 6 PM, so that workers have time to get home before curfew. The curfew is weird, but it's necessary because it's so dark that it would be easy to commit a crime and/or hurt yourself.

Enough rambling from me for now. Hopefully things will be back to normal tomorrow (except for the White Sox part - that unusual truth can stay).


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