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Monday, June 20, 2005

And then there were seven...

Tennessee was eliminated over the weekend, making them the first team, from the field of eight, to be eliminated in the 2005 College World Series.

Despite their quick departure, the Vols added what's sure to be a highlight to this year's CWS - though it happened after they were eliminated yesterday:

Moments after his team meeting broke up after Tennessee was eliminated by Arizona State, Tennessee left fielder Julio Borbon ran out to the wall to thank those Nebraska fans in the bleachers who cheered for him Sunday.

Borbon high-fived those hanging on the wall, and the fans gave him a standing ovation. Classy, on both sides.

You don't always see that sort of thing at a sporting event. But what's normally out of the norm seems to become the norm in Omaha.

In other news, Florida looked very good over the weekend - much to my disappointment. The Gators - along with the winner of tonight's Texas - Tulane matchup - are sitting on easy street, with a clean path to the finals, and the opportunity to rest until Wednesday.


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