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Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Super Bowl Week!

After more than three years since there's been any levity on this blog (or cause for it), here's some light-hearted fun... Yes, it's only Monday, but I can hardly contain myself. Hopefully I make it through the week.

The Cardinals will be en route to Tampa soon. Here are some tidbits to tide you over until the insanity of media day starts tomorrow and the rest of the Super Bowl Week insanity starts:

  • Adrian Wilson will be the star of media day. Of all the elite safeties in the NFL, Adrian Wilson receives the least media atttention. Troy Polumalu and Ed Reed receive most of the headlines. But Adrian Wilson should at least be in the discussion of great safeties in the league. In addition to that, Wilson typically provides an entertaining interview and he's recently intimated that he's been saving his best for the Super Bowl stage.
  • The Cardinals last World Championship came in 1947, which was also the year that Jackie Robinson broke the color line in Major League Baseball. In 2008, Barack Obama became the first black man to be elected President of the United States, breaking another color line; Obama was inaugurated as President in January of 2009. The Arizona Cardinals won their first division title in over 30 years in 2008; they will play for the World Championship this weekend.
  • In 12 Cardinals wins this season (including playoffs, natch), the Cardinals have 30 more takeaways than giveaways (i.e. a turnover ratio of +30 -- or nearly 3 per game). In their 7 losses, the turnover ratio is -17 (more than -2 per game). The Cardinals lost the turnover battle in every game they lost this year. They won the turnover battle in every game they won (other than one -- against the Dolphins -- where there were no turnovers in the game). It's stating the obvious, but the Cardinals need to win the turnover battle to win the game.
  • The turnover battle is not usually close in Cardinals games. In 14 of 19 games this season, the Cardinals have had two more or two fewer turnovers than their opponent. In only five games was the differential within one turnover.
  • The rumor is that each team will have nine players on a podium at Tuesday's media day. While I've always paid attention to media day, I've never paid enough attention to count the "key" participants from each team. Here are my guesses for who the 9 Cardinals will be: Guarantees: 1) Kurt Warner, 2) Larry Fitzgerald, 3) Anquan Boldin; Almost Guaranteed: 4) Bertrand Berry, 5) Adrian Wilson, 6) Darnell Dockett, 7) Edgerrin James; Questionable: 8) Antrel Rolle, 9) Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie, 10) Tim Hightower, 11) Steve Breaston, 12) Karlos Dansby.
  • The Steelers are appearing in their 7th Super Bowl. They are 5-1 in previous appearances. Their lone loss came in white jerseys in a game played in Arizona. The Steelers will wear white jerseys and face a team from Arizona this year.
  • The Cardinals have never lost a Super Bowl.
  • If the Cardinals manage to win Sunday's Super Bowl they will have a winning record all-time in the NFL post-season. Really.
It's still sinking in.


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