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"This is no junior college. This is the notorious University of Miami.” -- Marlins starter Dontrelle Willis, after getting knocked around for six runs in 2 1/3 innings by the Canes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Following the CWS

I found a nice site today (Omaha's main newspaper, actually) to follow the College World Series, so I thought that I'd share it with you.

Here it is.

Also, they put together a list of the Top 25 Programs of All-Time. Miami comes in at #5. FSU is #12. UF isn't on the list. :-)


  • At 2:02 PM, June 21, 2005, Anonymous wiggins said…

    You know that makes me happy.

    Especially the bit about the Gator program...

  • At 2:58 PM, June 21, 2005, Blogger Mike said…

    Sadly, the Gates may be on the list soon - at least if they continue to play like they have this week.

  • At 3:20 PM, June 21, 2005, Anonymous wiggins said…

    Don't make me cry. I was already sad at being reminded of the "18 appearances, zero titles"

    I'm still bitter at the Canes for that 6-5 championshop game in 1999. If only those idiot Noles hadn't hurt themselves celebrating... What was that - the ACC tournament they won? Idiots.

    Now every time I see a team dog-pile after winning something I cringe...

  • At 4:24 PM, June 21, 2005, Blogger Mike said…

    My favorite memory of the 1999 championship team came in 2000, when they were given their rings in an onfield presentation at the UM-FSU football game at the OB.

    It totally didn't have to be done that day, but that it was, was just so great.

    I think it was the ACC tourney or the regional that FSU won and then suffered the injury to the pitcher.

    What's funny about the whole thing is that 99 is not a year the Canes should have won. They "should" have won in 98 - with Burrell, Michaels, Huff, Bobby Hill, and a bunch of other guys.

    But it's ok - you Noles have 99 and we Canes have 96 (Warren Morris - walk off, pinch-hit HR).

  • At 5:08 PM, June 21, 2005, Anonymous wiggins said…

    Ah, yes...

    I never liked LSU much, but I wept with joy at that HR.

    And I'm not sorry.


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