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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday Open Thread: Marlins at Giants (7/24)

FishStripes is still down. I have no ETA on the site coming back up. I think we're dependent on Sammy Sosa (our tech guy) un-wrenching his back. I'm expecting to get an email (or two) before the site is actually back up (as we SBNation folks whine about the sites being down more than anyone), but it may go up before I realize it.

Make your Ichthyomancy picks in the comments and I'll get all the points totalled up once the site is back. This will serve as today's open thread until the site is back up, but I'm not putting the logos, starters, etc here (as I'm too lazy).

Here are some random thoughts and things I picked up from last night's comments:
  1. Craig made a suggestion to give points to waive the three player max for player points in light of the site being down (in case folks can't find their way over here to make picks today). That sounds good to me, and I'm not sure who had who last night, so pick away today. If you got points last night and earn them again today, bully for you (or whatever they say).
  2. Once the site is back up I'll post something to alert everyone to come here next time if FishStripes goes down again.
  3. I called Wiggins a jerk, not FishFan. I'll let Summer Wheatley handle the labels and name calling for FishFan.
  4. Do we need to plan another event? I am going to be back up North in early August. I'm hoping to catch some O's - Rays mid-week action at Camden on 8/9 and 8/10. Carolina and I are going to the White Sox - Yankees game at Yankee Stadium on 8/8 (but she won't be at the O's games with me). Other fun details about the trip to come, but if anyone's up for getting together while I'm up that way running around, let me know (I'm also hoping to take a tour of CBP in Philly on the 11th).
I think that's it. I had my picks all pre-made over at the other site, but I can't remember them now. I'll go with Treanor (or whoever catches) and a crowd of 40,083 today.


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